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Amplify Voices, LLC was founded in December 2021 by NFL coach Pete Carroll, who chose Audrey Cavenecia, post-George Floyd's murder, to lead the vision and develop a platform to amplify underrepresented voices and a united message of caring for others.

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Campaigns, Documentaries

Cavenecia was busy setting up the company's structure, personnel, and business headquarters when, out of the blue, she received an unexpected text from Carroll, which included a link to his hijacked press conference. To her surprise, he refused to answer questions about the Seattle Seahawks or the upcoming NFL season and instead made a powerful statement on racism and urged white people to become more informed and to heed the long-standing requests of Black people. In less than two days, the Coach the Vote campaign was launched and quickly won numerous awards for its creativity, digital presence, and positive societal impact.

Amplifying Diverse Leadership

Amplify Voices, represented by WMA (William Morris Agency), has officially entered the podcasting world with a publishing agreement with Cadence. Their debut podcast, Conversations from the Heart hosted by Pete Carroll and co-hosted by Audrey Cavenecia, featured a number of prominent guests such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Cory Booker, Van Jones, Rachel Maddow, Glennon Doyle, and Abby Wambach.


This was followed by Belonging & Leadership, also hosted by Cavenecia. Their podcasts were recognized with gold and platinum awards from the Hermes Awards, AVA Awards, MarCom Awards, DigiDay Awards, Shorty, Webby, and more. As a result of their success, Amplify Voices added more titles to their list of publishers, such as Guerilla Muse with Resmaa Menakem, Possibilities over Problems with Sean Goode aimed at Teachers, Parents, and Students, and Let's Talk White Guys with Tony Schwartz, Mike Robbins, and Jaime Winship.

Next was stepping into the enterprise space and establishing themselves as publishers for the EdTech space. They partnered with Open Sesame, which released over 200 titles in their library. 


Audio & Animation Learning

In May 2022, Pete Carroll concluded that the optimal decision for Amplify Voices was to transfer the company to Audrey Cavenecia, in adherence to their pledge to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. He was immensely proud of the work that was done and stated, "Audrey Cavenecia is no less a formidable competitor than Russell Wilson or DK Metcalf. She plays the game with all her soul." When deliberating the ideal next steps for the company, Cavenecia recalled the sage advice of her mentors: "Surround yourself with the best people and play in your most advantageous position." Knowing this, she determined that she wanted to acquire a CEO that would permit her to focus solely on her role as Chief Content Officer. In June 2022, Brian Dobbins was recruited as the CEO of Amplify Voices in order to solidify them as the premier organization for diversity in story-telling education.

In June of 2022, Amplify Voices appointed Brian Dobbins as their chief executive in order to take the initiative in diversity in narrative education. Having a long relationship of 26 years, Dobbins was the ideal candidate because he has demonstrated his ability to represent a variety of talent and his extensive experience in a variety of businesses outside of showbiz. Cavenecia commented, "Brian is a highly underrated resource, part of a small number of African American leaders in the entertainment industry, and his background in talent management and content production is unsurpassed."

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B2B Learning and an 
L&D Community

Amplify Voices is a premier contributor to Open Sesame Premium, offering content that is widely acclaimed for its authenticity and creativity. The business is now devoted to catering to the corporate sector and furnishing fresh, pertinent educational material to individuals and enterprises that have a primary goal of making the world a better place through enhanced expertise. In 2023 they will launch Amplify Voices learning, providing their content to small and medium-sized companies and increasing their catalogue of unique and collaborative ventures and programs. Additionally, they intend to keep enlarging their reach to join forces with the most riveting, original, and varied industry professionals for publication partnerships.

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