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Our collection of educational materials consists of both short and long-form learning, with the majority of our content in audio-format. Scientific research indicates that 8 minutes per session of micro-lessons yield higher understanding and retention. Audio educative materials are beneficial for well-being and team productivity, allowing us to do more than just stare at a computer screen. From this year onwards, businesses invested in leadership, culture, diversity and performance can access our library of over 200 lessons on LMS platform, open Sesame. Don't forget to sign up for the waiting list now!

Conversations from the Heart is an original Amplify Voices production featuring NFL coach Pete Carroll and co-founder Audrey Cavenecia. The hosts discuss with leaders such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Van Jones, Cory Booker, Grit author Angela Duckworth, author Glennon Doyle, and soccer legend Abby Wambach to name a few, what is on their hearts.